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The Northern Incident The Northern Incident

Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

I laughed

Good graphics, hilarious story until the Furries came. It's like you tried to accumulate as many clich├ęs as possible. Hell, even the window glass was so thin the dog could jump through it like it was nothing and of course the protagonist thought his chances of survival would be better if he waited inside the forsaken house instead of walking on the road and hoping to find a car or even a building.

All in all really forgettable and one-dimensional tho.

Wilhelm Park Wilhelm Park

Rated 2 / 5 stars


Good graphics, lame story. Every twist could be predicted from the start where an accurate description of the monster was given.

Also, what's the whole point if the two get together in the end anyway? Monster might have stayed human as well. Or does the girl have a serious octopus fetish?

Talking with Edward Elric Talking with Edward Elric

Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

good graphics, bad story

Good graphics, bad story. Not really funny nor surprising, the story (BOY MEETS GIRL) has been done a looooooooooot of times. Also, interesting how little time it takes to turn from stranger to lover... or at least kiss-able person. But okay, enough of the story, I think you know that wasn't the strong point.

Graphical style is quiet nice and clean, I recommend you stick to that style and maybe keep the picture a bit more in motion/action in the future if necessary. I liked the change to chibi-style. Strongest point of your entry and giving you the most points.

Sounds are "basic". No sound effects however (but they might be taken out during the calm music for artistic effect) and the voices were... bad? Sorry, didn't sound very in-situation or anything.

Also, after the squeak, how about immediately showing the unwanted guests for an even more surprising moment?

Compared to the really great entries on NG, this isn't more than 5 points. But keep on making flash movies, you're on a very good train. :)

LovelyKouga responds:

LOL your comment makes me laugh because maybe you didn't read the creators comment? XD It was SUPPOSED to be as cheesy and cliche as possible, so I'm actually rather pleased it got this reaction out of you. XD Also I know you can't really tell, but when it fades out to white when Edward sits down, it's supposed to be a time-skip of a few hours of talking. :)

I agree, too much tweening and not enough frame-by-frame animation. Thanks I'll try harder next time! :D

Yes during the music, no effects at all...but there was the camera sound and record scratch later on after the music stopped. OKAY I am going to do that before I submit this to DeviantART, I think it really WILL look better than the plai white. Thank you! :)

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Madness: Project Nexus Madness: Project Nexus

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Really promising start.
Tho at the moment there's not much else beyond Survival and Get From A To B While Killing Dudes. That's a recipe that works fine for the movies because you can always throw in some crazy moves or plot twists, but for gameplay it can get pretty repetitive. I like that you tried to mix things up with the Tac Bar and sudden "armor-piercing" enemy superattacks.
I definitely expected to be able to dual-wield tho if both selected weapons are the same. The perks are alright, but +X% -X% stat boni are the most unimaginative and boring improvements you can buy in games in my opinion. It's fine for climbing from perk to perk, but the actual unlocked perks should be something the player has fun experimenting with, then the sessions he's having with experimenting with it will yield the XP for the next unlock they can look forward to, etc. Quality over quantity makes the difference between tiresome grinding and gradual mastering of all gameplay mechanics (that otherwise would overwhelm you all at once). Special moves for certain guns might work if you're willing to do the extra effort - we do have a keyboard, we can quickswitch to 6 different guns without a second thought, same for pretty much anything in the direct vicinity of WASD. We aren't console gamers that need aim assist and 2 weapons maximum. Maybe add two extra slots for 1 passive ability and 1 special ability with a cooldown or something. Customizes character and playstyle and keeps things varied!
Another gameplay element you might want to experiment with are random boni. Can be a gun at the end of a round you did well, can be an upgrade for your current weapon that spawns in the middle of the arena.

Also I'm personally not a fan of regen health, it makes things so boring and encourages running away and hiding behind cover in a game about action. Why not medkits or execution moves Space Marine style? It won't overload our brains, we know how to navigate YouTube, that makes us overqualified already.

Graphics are true to the movies and customization is relatively varied. If at all possible, you could add paints and more layers or even allow the player to tick as many clothes as they like and whatever they ticked last gets added as the top layer.
A bit change of scenery in the arena couldn't hurt however and the guns you buy should have a classification in case you're wondering if this counts as an SMG or rifle, etc. There could be a couple of additional effects as indicators for tough enemies, not cutscenes but maybe something like auras (compare: Newgrounds Rumble).

Sound is okay if repetitive. If you're feeling up to it you could introduce some dynamic BGM changes depending on how well you're doing or how far the wave has progressed. There's a bit of that every X waves, but it's not a lot.

Thought about vertical level design? May require more AI programming tho and that's currently eating up a LOT of CPU.

Anyway, I think this is a great start I thank everyone involved in the development progress for putting such an enjoyable flash game on the www. It's pretty fun to play if you do it in small doses!

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Faerie Alchemy Faerie Alchemy

Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

It's very pretty and polished, but the core gameplay mechanics need some major overhaul:

- give the player a better sense of progression. Watch how Bewjeweled structures its difficulty curve/level sizes.
- give the player more and better rewards for gameplay choices. Even if it's just a small glow, jingle and extra points when they combine 4+ objects or fuse another object together.
- as said below, make it clearer where the new object spawns
- dynamically alter the difficulty curve by introducing seemingly random tide-turners that have a higher rate of spawning if the player is in a pinch (a lot of unused objects for example). The lower the level, the more likely it's gonna help new players out when they need it.
- give players rewards for doing well, for thinking strategically or simply playing for a long time. Maybe tell them at the beginning of the level they can have 1 free tide-turner if they execute X combos. This doubles as an invisible tutorial in the first levels.
- give the player some sort of achievement after a game over that will make them want to play again, maybe a tide-turner, maybe a skin, maybe just an XP bar that fills up. Any kind of progression that the player knows will lead to something - unlike the seemingly infinite elemental fusion - will keep them going
- give higher level players additional challenges instead of tide-turners if they're doing /too/ well. Like petrified blocks that will only become usable if a reaction happens nearby.
- finally, depending on how long you want to stretch the game, build in checkpoints or make it easy for experienced players to get back to their limits so they can take pride in breaking that limit.
- nobody cares about highscore lists. Seriously. It's only relevant for like the top 10 players and this game really isn't of competitive nature. It's a casual game, your audience just wants to play something fun. If you want to give them a challenge, think about time challenges or the aforementioned "do these tricks and earn a tide-turner".

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Little Wheel Little Wheel

Rated 3 / 5 stars

It's alright

As already pointed out below, it was less of a game than a movie - which Yahtzee calls Indigo Prophecy Syndrome, and I'd like to stick with that term. I suggest you decide whether it's supposed to be a movie or a game, something in between has never worked as far as I recall.

The graphics were great, damn well for this sorta thing and it was also a very interesting idea to make it all shadows and lights. This is probably the best point about "Little Wheel".
The sound isn't bad either and the HUD isn't interfering with the experience. Now what's up with the low score?

It's the story. I'm not expecting a new Shakespeare here, but it was like you were utterly bored, decided to come up with this sorta mix and then just built something around it. The convenient loss of electricity (Which seems to be wireless for the robots in the future, but not for all that stuff you fix Oo Also there's no battery pack or emergency electricity, but hell, this is "Little Wheel", not BBC) built up more or less an Excuse Plot to get from A to B by solving little riddles.
In order to make a game interesting, you've got to develop it. The gameplay here was way too linear and the story was really flat, too. Maybe people value it for its simplicity, but I personally expect something that comes with a difficulty which is enough to entertain me. And Little Wheel sadly didn't entertain me one bit.
Even if you stick to something basic like Point and Click, you can still (theoretically) produce something like Monkey Island. That had charm and humor and the quests were difficult enough to keep me hooked to the funny and changing storyline. In Little Wheel you could pretty much just click at random stuff and it somehow worked, no big deal.

So, to summarize: Good graphics and other "outer values", but very hollow at the core and not very entertaining to me. This is why this gets only 6 stars, because I think a submission on newgrounds should be at least worth the time you invest in it. However, very nice graphics, like I already mentioned before. ;)